Inauguration day

20 01 2009

I’m laying on my couch watching the events of inauguration day unfold. And I’m thoroughly enjoying it! I have noted the way the former presidents have interacted with one another so far. I’ve also thought about what (little) I know about how they each ran the white house. Living in Oklahoma, I know many people who have come to this day fearful and angry. Obama’s stance on many issues causes some great concern. But reflecting on how I felt about the Bush administration and hearing how some have praised his presidency. I have come to this conclusion: Neither Bush nor Obama was/is capable of doing right by everyone. It’s just not possible that one person can make everyone else in america happy…and that’s not what the president is supposed to do anyway. Many have praised Bush for following his convictions, even if they had negative effects…why do we not allow the same for Obama? His convictions are definitely not the same as Bush, that I am not denying. And I think that both Bush and Obama have good convictions and bad convictions. He’s not sworn in yet and I know there are people who, in their minds, have already doomed America to destruction. This seems ridiculous. And besides, if you’re upset with Obama, you should be upset with the vast majority of Americans who voted for him. Yeah, he voted for himself, but so did everyone except OKlahoma :)!

And for those who are tired of this being about race…It is quite obvious that the race issue has been exhuasted and a political tool for many years. But to deny the obvious fact, that a black man is moving into a house built by blackslaves, as important is ridiculous. THIS IS A BIG DEAL! We have legislated civil rights, but face it, you cannot legislate the heart. People will hate, but Obama’s overwhelming victory proves that there are some things greater than race. And that is hopeful for us. We’ve come a long way since Martin Luther King Jr. gave his speech in the same city in which our first black president is being inaugurated. But there are still many alive among us who suffered the injustices of that era and remember it vividly. We should not deny our African American brothers and sisters the joy that is theirs at this truly historic and victorious day. We should not presume, as people of non-african descent, that because there has been a law passed that the wounds inflicted upon their heritage by those of us who have lorded our self-entitlement and self-righteousness so violently have been so easily healed. We should look into our own hearts, acknowledge our own racism, and beg our Good God for forgiveness.

Now, Obama’s getting sworn in! Gotta go!




One response

22 01 2009

“We have legislated civil rights, but face it, you cannot legislate the heart.”


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