I haven’t blogged in a few months…

15 01 2010

so a brief update:

1. I have a new job and I totally dig it. I’m a receptionist in an insurance office.  Turns out you could play “six degrees to Jill Nelson” with  my new bosses.  We know a lot of the same people.  weird.

2. I discovered the show criminal minds and LOVE IT.  I have to be careful to remind myself that Spencer Ried is a fictional character and he’s not going to fall in love with me.

3. I had a beagle who shed a lot. I gave him to a girl I work with and I think hehas a better home.

4. I’ve decided to be vegetarian.  I’m shooting for 89% accuracy in 2010.

5.  I’ve also decided to learn piano. I’m in the market for a reasonable keyboard to learn.

6. I live alone now and enjoy it most of the time.

7. I think I can add about three more people to my “close friends” list.

8. I bought a new skirt and I can’t wait til it’s warm enough to wear it.

9. I now own The Hangover (thank you, sister) and I love love love love love love it.

10. I’m presenting a paper for the regional meet in Dallas of the Society of Biblical Literature.





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