My Poor, poor puppy

28 03 2011

Abelard has had a traumatic weekend.  My cousin and her two girls watched him while I was at a church retreat.  This is what happened to him:

My little pink poodle

He looks so confused in this picture!!

Then, when we got home, he had a mild flare-up of his pancreatitis.  He only ate half his dinner and wouldn’t touch the water.  Eventually, he wouldn’t have anything to do with either.  Then he started getting the shakes.  Then he wasn’t interested in being all up in my bidness.  All of this is abnormal.  He is always wanting to eat and always wanting to be right on my lap.  So today, my good friend Lea Anne (who just happens to work in the office of Abelard’s vet) took him to work with her to get him checked before the vomiting started.

That was a good call.  In the past, if he gets REALLY sick, it usually runs me around $200, give or take.  This time, $20.  THANK YOU, JESUS!  I spent the morning scared I’d have to spend the money I have saved for my eye dr. appointment on keeping my dog alive.  I would have done it, but it would just make my budget that much harder to live with.  So, from now on, I’m going to pay super close attention to my dog’s behaviour.  If I can always catch his sickness early, it should save the budget.

He’ll be home around 8 tonight.  I think he deserves a hug.




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