This one isn’t about Charlie Sheen

31 03 2011


I finally got around to going to Vanessa’s to get my new necklace and earrings.  I love them!!    Here’s a shot of me in the necklace and the earrings:

Duh! Winning! (sorry, I can't help myself!)

Don’t I look pretty?  (blush) 

Michaela does fine work.  These pieces really are built for quality.  AAANNNNNDDDDD  she’s super sweet on top of that.  The necklace and earrings came with not one, but TWO pieces of ghirardelli chocolate (yum!), and she threw in a few little postcards and notecards that are just adorable!  I don’t want to use them – I want to frame them!  Check out both their blogs!  Check out Enchante’s shop, too! 

Summer Snow:

Summer Snow is Bethany’s newest snow cone stand.  I will be working there on the weekends, so come by and see me!  I’ve been given permission to experiment with the flavors to come up with my very own “Jill Nelson is Your Daddy” snow cone.  I think, once perfected, this has the potential to bring in millions.  MILLIONS!  Here’s the snow cone stand:

Check out the Facebook page here.  While you’re at it, check out Jill Nelson is Your Daddy’s page as well. 


Riddle me this, should I attempt giveaways????  Vanessa seems to have a fun time with them and it’s such a nice little treat.  Cast your vote!

Today in History:

1999 – The Matrix was released

The Matrix Cast

I bet you didn’t know that I starred in this film. 
PS – I am taking Jill Nelson is Your Daddy snow cone flavor ideas 🙂



3 responses

31 03 2011

I suggest you do cheesecake flavor as this is a favorite of yours:)

6 04 2011
Beccah Nelson

Yes, do giveaways 🙂

6 01 2018
LeVon Burton

I would like to know if the little purple and blue hut/house is for sale? If it is – how much? I saw this house for sale on Frank Butler’s page.


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