On My Eyebrows and the Apartment the Tornado Blew Through

1 04 2011

My Eyebrows:

I’m going to do a little marketing for my friend Naz.  She is a good friend and the lucky lady who gets to rip my eyebrows out twice a month.  I love Naz!   First, as a friend, she’s thoughtful and kind.  She even asks about my little mutt Abelard.  In fact, she trained him on how to sit (something I am thankful for every time I go to put his leash on him).  As a professional, she’s innovative and brave.  She’s busy expanding her salon right now.  She’s taking a huge step of faith in doing so, but I know it is the right move for her.  As a woman, she’s always trying to move forward. I think she’s actually been in school more than I have!  She just enjoys learning and being challenged.  I really admire that.  Plus, she speaks seven languages, so she deserves some credit for that, too.

Anyway, back to business: my eyebrows.  They are seriously overgrown right now.  It kind of looks like two fuzzy caterpillars have moved in on my forehead.  I thought about putting up a funny picture, but all the pictures I found grossed me out.  ew. Unibrows are a no-no.   Thank God for my appointment tonight.

Naz does threading instead of waxing (although I’m sure she’d do waxing for the die-hard waxing people).  I don’t really know how it works, I just know that it does work. She takes thread and rolls it across your face and it pulls the hair out.  It’s far less intense as waxing and it’s better for your skin.  It does a little exfoliating while she threads as well.  TWO FOR ONE!  And it’s only $10 and takes about 10-15 minutes.  Not a penny more than waxing.  So give her a try sometime.  You definitely won’t regret it 🙂

7007 NW Expressway
Oklahoma City, OK 73132 
(in the same building as Papa John’s Pizza and Jamba Juice)

The Apartment the Tornado Blew Through:

My apartment is a pit!  This is very, very odd for me. I don’t care much for messes and I try to keep my clutter in one place.  I have been working myself to the point of exhaustion every night this last week and I haven’t really cared about picking up the clothes in the bathroom or emptying the sink.  I have some major clean up plans for tonight.  I’m going to start in my living room and try to get that done tonight before my eyebrow appointment.  Maybe even start my kitchen.  It’s mostly clutter – not dirty.  I CANNOT handle dirty. 

So here’s tonight’s game plan:
1. Clean
2. Eyebrows
3. TurboFire!
4. Shower!!!!!
5. Clean
6. Clean
7. Clean
8. Thesis
9. In bed by 8:30pm – HAHAHAHAHA! yeah right.

Today in History:

1816: Jane Austen declines royal writing advice.  Prince Regent suggested she write a historic romance, to which she responded, “I could not sit down to write a serious romance under any other motivation than to save my life.” 


This historical moment is brought to you by the letter “S” for Sister – This one is for you sister, so you better comment to prove you read it!!!




One response

5 04 2011
Beccah Nelson

YAY!!! Oh, that is so Jane to say something like that 🙂

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