I love a good list

6 04 2011

 I enjoy a good list. So my blog today is going to be a list of random things I’m thinking:

  • I bought some dang good honey peanut butter at the farmer’s market.
  • The Arts Festival is this month!!  I’m excited about listening to the music.  It’s times like this I wish I had someone to dance with.
  • That last line sounded sappy and pathetic.  I’m keeping it.
  • I am taking Friday off work to have a whole day for my thesis. 
  • I’m considering a visit to my dad’s in October.  It’s been a few years since I’ve seen him and I like Phoenix.  Anyone want to join me?  Free food and lodging.  Just have to get there.
  • Today I began looking at schools for my PhD in Biblical Studies. I’m excited.  Maybe next year I’ll be starting 🙂
  • I’m craving a snow cone like crazy!  yummy.
  • Started my first to-do list for the 30day Push Goal Challenge.  I’m super excited.  Hopefully I’ll accomplish what I set out to accomplish!
  • I cannot wait for the state fair.  Why can’t it come twice a year?
  • Maybe I’ll hit the strawberry festival in Stilwell this year. 
  • I want to go overseas again.  MUST. TRAVEL.
  • The thesis will be done in 25 days.  PRAISE JESUS!!!!
  • I love my puppy.
  • I am hitting the hot tub tonight or tomorrow night.  my back needs it.

Today in History:

1930:  Twinkies are introduced.  Ew. 

Sorry, wrong “Twinkie.”

Years later, the state fair would up the ante with the abomination “deep-fried Twinkie.”




2 responses

6 04 2011

I’ll dance with you at the festival! It was fun last year…remember the guy on the sidewalk dancing by himself, and then the lady in front of us grabbed the guy on the end of the aisle????? Memories…pressed between the pages of my mind ahhhh…….

6 04 2011

that was fun! that one guy was crazy!

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