On the Thesis Chronicles, baby Jack, and PhD

11 04 2011

The Thesis Chronicles:

You might be asking yourself, “where was all of Jill’s wit and charm in blog form this weekend?”  The answer is I pulled a marathon thesis weekend. I took Friday off of work and I actually got quite a bit accomplished.  Not as much as I would have liked, but still quite a bit.   I’ve pretty much cleared my schedule this week, besides work and church.  The goal is to have it written by the 23rd so I have a full week to edit before I turn it in on the 1st of May.  I’ve put Abelard to work helping me:

This time next month, I will not have an excuse when I don’t want to hang out with people or babysit.  There are some disadvantages to finishing this thing.

The advantages, however, greatly outweigh the disadvantages.  First, and most importantly, Sarah Wilson is making me some awesome brownies as a reward.  Second, the stress of this hovering over me will be gone!  Third, no more all-nighters.  I guess that’s about it….oh, wait.  I’ll have a master’s degree.  I guess that’s worth it. 

God’s honest truth, this is what I looked like around 2 am on Friday night:

Baby Jack:

I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am that Heather and Gavin are having a baby.  Heather is my favorite person ever, and Gavin is in the top 15, for sure 🙂  And this week, I will have a new little baby to adore!  She’s due April 17, but he’ll be here on Thursday.  This is how I know.  I have 3 family members named Jack, all of whom were born on April 14.  It’s how God wants it. 

Heather is planning to do this all-natural – no drugs, use a midwife, wait until Jack is ready to come on his own (which, of course, will be Thursday).  I’m very impressed with her decisions.  I can get on board with using a midwife and waiting until the baby is ready, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to need to be drugged. 

Also, baby Jack is clearly named after me.  Don’t let anyone, even Heather, tell you differently.


Right now, I’m really motivated to keep going with school.  Even though my thesis is stressing me out and I want it to be over, I can’t help but be excited about moving forward.  I’m looking at 6 schools right now (only 4 of which are Chris Green approved). 

Baylor:  Waco, TX
Brite Divinity School: Ft. Worth, TX
Fuller:  Pasadena, CA
Vanderbilt:  Nashville, TN
Emory: Atlanta, GA
Duke: Durham, NC

I haven’t done too much research into the schools yet, but, from what I have done, I’m liking Emory and Fuller.  However, the west coast doesn’t appeal to me.  I’d like to visit, but I think I’m more of an east coast kinda girl.

Cast your votes! Where should I go?

Today in History:

2010 – I painted a picture of a guitar across 4 canvasses.  It’s hanging in my bedroom and I think it’s awesome.

1988 – Cher wins best actress for Moonstruck.  If I could turn back time, I’d like to have been there to watch her accept it.

The lady gaga of the 80s.




4 responses

12 04 2011
Alec Sprinkle

Duke, duh!

Or Emory or Fuller. Check with Keon on Fuller. He went there.

12 04 2011

The baby Jack section is my favorite.

12 04 2011

I didn’t realize Keon went to Fuller. I shall email him now!

12 04 2011

Jessica, I love baby Jack soooo much.

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