Baby Jack, Humility, and the Ethics of Blogging on the Clock

14 04 2011

Baby Jack:

I need him to be here already.  I am over the top excited today about him (probably because in my heart of hearts, I expect him to show up today).  Seriously, I keep checking my phone and my email waiting for the news that Heather is in labor.  It keeps not coming.  *sigh*

A couple of years ago, at Aubrey Parker’s second birthday party, I was sitting next to Heather in front of the fire-place.  As we watched all the wee ones play, I asked her (as I did all the time), “So. When are you and Gavin going to have one?”  Her response was something along the lines of “in a couple of years.”  My heart immediately sank.  A couple of years???  At the time, I was planning on moving for school – going somewhere for my PhD.  I had already missed the wedding of my dear friend (I was overseas for my internship) and the possibility of missing the birth of her children was almost unbearable.  In that moment, I realized that there was a lot more factoring into my decisions for school than just what I wanted to do…but that’s for another blog.  Anyway, since that day, I’d had this fear that I wouldn’t be around to see her babies when they arrived.  But, my friends, that is NOT the case.  I will get to meet Jack on his birthday.  I will get to be a part of the celebration of his life on the day it begins! 

Let me tell you all the things I plan to do with Jack.  I plan to give him a kiss when I meet him. I plan to sing him a song when his mama lets me watch him.   I plan to take him to the zoo when he gets a little older.  I plan to love watching him dance to music every time he hears it.  I plan to love him even if he spits up or drools on me.  I plan to help Gavin and Heather however much and in what ever ways they will let me.  I plan to tell Jack just how wonderful his parents are and just how lucky he is to have their love.  I plan celebrate when he does and be sad when he is.  I plan to teach him “little face – big face.”  Oh, baby Jack, GET HERE ALREADY!!!  I’m dying to meet you.


The fact of the matter is I’m humble.  There’s no getting around it.  I don’t go on about how awesome I am, even though it’s true.  I don’t constantly remind people how lucky they are to have me in their life, even though they are.  I don’t go around being smarter than everyone, even though I am.  I don’t unleash all the beauty that I have because it would overwhelm the population, even though I could. “Why?” you ask.  Because I’m humble.


The Ethics of Blogging on the Clock:

I blog while I’m at work.  Yes.  Usually between projects and as I can.  Occasionally, I just do it all at once.  Today – all at once.  But let me clarify: I’m not being unproductive because I’m blogging.  Here are my reasons:

1. It keeps my brain stimulated.  If you’ve ever worked in insurance, you’ll understand how easy it is to lose brain function.

2. It keeps my typing at top speed.  This is important for data entry and such when I am working on a project.

3. It opens the doors for marketing.  Example conversation:
random person: “are you blogging at work?”
me: “Why, yes. Yes, I am.”
RP: “where do you work?”
me: “an insurance agency that specializes in group health plans.”
RP: “my office needs health insurance!  Here’s their number….”

Voila!  Instant customer.

4. My work load is light right now.  I’m caught up.

As you can see, my blogging really is for the benefit of my office.  It’s completely ethical.

Today in History:

1912: RMS Titanic hits iceberg

Right before midnight on April 14, 1914, the titanic hit an iceberg and began to sink.  More than 1,500 people died in the freezing waters.  Of the 700 or so that survived, most were women and children.

On December 19, 1997, the movie was released.  Today, as we anticipate the coming of baby Jack, we remember another Jack.  We’ll never let go, Jack.  We’ll never let go.

Today’s blog is brought to you by the letter “C” for Chris Green.  Most of this was his idea.




2 responses

16 04 2011

Tears and laughter.

Thanks, Jill.

26 04 2011
Beccah Nelson

Bahahaha!!! I actually laughed out loud to myself for like ten minutes with the “I’ll never let go” reference!

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