On failure, pet peeves, and Abelard

17 04 2011

Today’s vblog is up 🙂 AND Jessica told me to just embed the video so you can watch it here!  Also, the blue is from a book.  It’s obnoxious but I’m not refilming.




2 responses

18 04 2011

Ahhh, I just love you!! You crack me up!! Let me tell you some stuff…..The tp roll MUST roll to the front, it looks better!!! I’m not kidding when I say I turn the roll around if it’s the opposite way when im at someone’s home or business. Abelard is the cutest little thing:) And take him out at 5am, If you needed to be let out at 5 I can guarantee he would get up and take you out….Stinky breath or not. And who care’s what the neighbors think….They might just think you have halatosis and can’t do anything about it. Or just rince with some water, that helps. And the pj’s, I think people look cute in pj’s, go out in them. You know they have! And have you lost weight? You look amazing!!! Love you girl!!

18 04 2011

Thanks! I have lost weight! I’m down 15 pounds since Thanksgiving. I used to turn people’s toilet paper around to face back! must be a family thing to be so OCD. 🙂

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