On Wolfpack, the Thesis Chronicles, and Trump/Sheen 2012

25 04 2011

It’s been a few days since I’ve been able to post. I apologize to my faithful followers. I have actually been busy at work and haven’t been pleased with any of my attempts to vblog. So, here we go:

Wolf pack:

I joined an indoor soccer team called Wolf pack. Our colors are black and yellow. Everything about us screams, “we’re awesome!” It’s a beginners team, and only a couple of the players have ever played before. Excluding 2nd grade recess, I never have. Hopefully I’ll actually get to play. However, I am a bit afraid of a few things:

1. Getting kicked in the shin. In 5th grade, one of the boys in my class broke his shin playing soccer. Ouch.
2. Scoring a point for the opposing team.
3. Falling down.
4. Tripping while running and falling down.
5. accidentally stepping on the ball and falling down.
6. Walking onto the field and falling down.
7. Getting hit in the face with the ball…then falling down.

Mostly, though, I’m just excited about having fun and meeting new friends. You should come check out a game. It’s gonna be awesome!!!

The Thesis Chronicles:

My personal deadline for my thesis is one week. HOLY COW! Where have the last 2 years gone? Anyway, I’m 45 pages in and I’ve completely exegeted a whole chapter of my passage. Only one more to go! Then conclusions, then cleanup! Lord, give me focus! I probably won’t be sleeping much this week. And I’ll probably be turning my phone off. Keep me in your prayers, lest I turn out like this:

Trump/Sheen 2012:

So, as you know, I think Donald Trump is a joke.  He’s an alright business man but that is not any qualification for office.  Because I enjoy jokes at another’s expense, I have decided that Charlie Sheen should be Don-Don’s running mate.  I have even started a campaign page 🙂  I’m trying to keep it up-to-date with all the dumb things he says.  I’m also working on building his cabinet.  So far, his hair will be secretary of homeland security, and Gary Busey will be Secretary of State.  Good fits, if you ask me.  Our country is sure to prosper under the golden-haired rule of America’s favorite colonial bully.  TRUMP/SHEEN 2012!!!!!!!!

Today in History:

1995: Dancer and film star Ginger Rogers dies at age 83.

Ginger’s credits include: Harlow, Dream Boat, It Had to be You, Tales of Manhattan, and Shall We Dance.  I wish women could still dress like they did in the 40s.




2 responses

26 04 2011
Beccah Nelson

Yes, lets bring the 40’s attire back!

26 04 2011

Ginger Rogers…classic beauty…much like your mother, I might add bahaha!!
I liked the golden-haired sheen comment, i thought it was funny! But Most every thing you say is so there you have it…js!
I will pray for focus and unbroken shins…go Wolfpack and Thesis!! Not necessarily in that order;)

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