If you like Donald Trump, don’t read this one. He’s dumb.

27 04 2011


My first game was last night.   We lost, but man did I have fun!  I’m pretty much a natural. Colombia should be recruiting me to their national team anytime….

Here’s a pic of me in my full garb, getting ready to fake kick.  Yes. I did war paint. Yes. My socks are bright red.  Yes. My shoes are gray and pink.  Yes. I’m a fashion catastrophe.  But I’m still awesome.

I’m playing with my friends Vanessa and Mandy.  I stole this picture from V’s blog.

V dubbed us: Jill the Kill, The Crippler, and Malicious Mandy.

Watch your back, fiends.  We’re looking for a blue card.


Everything about him makes me want to throw my shoe at him.  He’s obnoxious. He’s entitled. He’s bossy.  He’s orange.  And he’s an idiot.  NOW, he is demanding records from Harvard because Obama isn’t smart enough to have gotten in.  Apparently, ALL of America since Obama’s birth has been conspiring to make him president even though he has no right to it.

Worse, people are buying into this!!  If you are one that buys into it, stop reading here.  Or at least skip to the next section.  It’s silly.  I hate that the only way Trump can make himself appear presidential is to show how unpresidential everyone else is.  When it’s all said and done, Trump looks like a viable option for those who get on board with his senseless, propagandizing name-calling because he’s made everyone else look the fool.  It’s school yard bullying puffed up with money and bad hair.

Dear Don-Don, as a concerned and intelligent voter, I’d like to know what you actually stand for.  Stop telling me why Obama’s not a good candidate and start telling me why you are.  Stop interrupting your interviewers before they can ask you a question.  And stop ignorantly confessing your plans to commit war crimes by stealing oil to compensate for our military assistance.  It’s illegal and you won’t get away with it no matter how many billions of dollars you have.  You are a true-blue idiot.  And I’ll bet (not in one of your casinos though) that if a republican were in office, you’d be trying to take the Democratic nom.  Please just stop before you say one more stupid thing.  Your hair is stupid enough.  Love, Jill.

I thought I’d post a few of my favorite tweets about Donald Trump:

BorowitzReportAndy Borowitz
Donald Trump being sworn in as President would be a great last scene in a Planet of the Apes remake.
dansdenDan J Frisby
Donald Trump calling DeNeiro ‘not the brightest bulb’ is like Gary Busey calling Donald Trump ‘presidential material’ LOL!!!
Hey Donald Trump, put a sock in it.
SteveMartinToGoSteve Martin
Have found Donald Trump’s birth certificate. He was born in Hawaii, but before it was a state. This is getting complicated.
If Donald Trump becomes president I’m Canadian…
Please, please ,please tell me that Donald Trump didn’t question how Obama got into Harvard. Oh my God… please say I read wrong.
One positive to Donald Trump as President – he wouldn’t be able to put up tacky looking buildings in NYC for at least 4 years…
Today in History:
1986: Nuclear explosions in Chernobyl
You should go here for more of the story, but suffice it to say this:
Chernobyl was catastrophic.  The effects of it are still being noted.  Ukraine has suffered an increase in birth defects and cancers since the explosion.  The land near the plant is uninhabitable.  People lost their homes.  And there are people in Ukraine, people I met the summer I spent there, that remember that day.  Even though time and distance separate us from this event, let us not forget those who are remembering their grief today.



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