Things I’m Selling – BUY MY CRAP!!!

30 05 2011


Let me know if you want my stuff!!!!





I should probably clarify…

27 05 2011

When I said I’d be unemployed and homeless in July if they don’t want me, I was only kidding.  The semester starts in July and they know I’m coming.  The date isn’t set in stone yet,  and that’s the piece of information that I’m missing.  They need an English teacher and I said I’d do it.  Bam!  All I need now is the exact date I leave and the money to get me there…

donate?  please 🙂

Let the fundraising begin!!

26 05 2011

I’m operating under the assumption that I will be wanted in July.  I’ve given my notice at work and I have about a week before I have to give my notice at my apartments.  If they decide they don’t want me in Colombia – I will be homeless and unemployed come July.  They better want me. 

That being said, here are the fundraising/money-saving things I’m working on right now:

1. Used cell phone drive – Everyone has old cell phones lying around.  I can think of 2 in my apartment right off the top of my head.  One of them, according to the list I was provided, will make me 7.50.  SWEET!  Imagine if I turned in a hundred phones!  If you have old cell phones lying around, I will take them off your hands.  I’ll even come pick them up if you are a reasonable distance from me.

2. Housecleaning – I am going to solicit myself out for housecleaning services.  I don’t have a set amount I will charge, instead I will clean on a donation only basis.  The money will go through Divine Life and will, therefore, be tax-deductible.  Email me at if you want to schedule a time for me to come scrub your toilet.

3. “Benefit” concert – I’ve been given permission to host a show at Starbucks on Rockwell and NW Expressway.  I’ve asked The Notion to perform.  Perhaps there will even be a couple of numbers by Elefante…. just maybe.  The date isn’t set yet, but, once it is, you’ll be the first to know.  I’ll be taking donations that night.

4. Yard Sale in Mustang – My dear friend Sarah Wilson said I could join in on their yard sale.  Now, I just need someone who is not emotionally attached to my things to come and help me get rid of my stuff.  The first weekend in June. Come buy my crap!!!

5.Mary Kay Memorial Day Sale – I’m running a 10% off special for Memorial Day anyway, but when I realized I was moving I turned it into a fundraiser.  All my profits will go toward expenses related to my trip.  If you need or want anything, hit me up!  I’d like to see this really help me out. 

6. Lease Transfer – If I can find someone willing to take over my lease then I don’t have to buy out of it.  They would apply like normal (I’d pay them back if they were approved) and once approved it all becomes theirs.  My deposit and pet deposit are credited to them (meaning they can have a pet).  When they leave, they get my money.  They pay nothing to get started and make a bit when they leave.  If you know anyone interested, I can send them more details about the apartments.  This would save me $900.  This is super important. 

7. Donations – I’ll be sending out support letters by this weekend (I hope).  My main means of support will be regular people relying on the leading of God and being generous with me.  The fundraising I have planned will only go so far.  So, here’s thing: If you want to donate, don’t hesitate!  You can mail checks to

Divine Life Church
C/O Stephen Hanscom
2801 McMillan Ave.
Bethany, OK 73008

All contributions are tax-deductible (if they go through the church) WIN-WIN!! 

Most importantly, please pray for me.  It hasn’t even been a week since the decision was made, and I’m about 5-6 weeks from leaving.  This has the potential to overwhelm me.  I trust that if God wants me in Colombia, then God knows how much it will cost to get me there.  I need your support in so many ways – creatively, financially, spiritually, emotionally.  This is an exciting adventure, but that doesn’t make it easy.

I’ll keep you posted on the fundraising efforts 🙂

So, I’ve decided

24 05 2011

I’m going to go to Colombia.

I’m not sure when they want me yet. It could be as early as mid-July or as late as January. Once I know when, I am going to start doing some aggressive fundraising.  Honestly, I’m looking at about $5,000 (I have to buy out of a lot of contracts!).  So, please, be in prayer for me during this fundraising time.  And, if you want to contribute, I should know soon where any money can be sent. 

You all know how I love lists, right?  Here’s one of things I’m pretty confident about regarding this move:

1. My mom is going to have a nervous breakdown.  Good thing Billy is there!

2. My dad is not going to understand this at all.

3. If I’m really called to go, the money thing isn’t going to be a big deal.

4. I’m going to get a tan – it’s like 70+ degrees there everyday!

5. I’m going to learn Spanish!

6. I’m going to miss my family like crazy.

7.  I’m going to miss my church, too.

8. If I didn’t go, I would regret it.

9. Vegetarianism probably isn’t going to work when I am relying on another’s hospitality.

10. It’s going to be so worth it.

I haven’t heard back from Monica since I said I’d go.  There’s a chance she’ll be like, “Oh, nevermind.  We didn’t really want you…don’t you know anyone else?”  I highly doubt that will be the case though, despite my mother’s prayers.

so, um, yeah…..

23 05 2011

Do you remember the other day when I blogged about wanting to be a missionary again?  Here is the post in question.  God has an interesting way of giving you what you ask for. 

Monica Castro, a woman I met when I went to Colombia in high school (aka 9 years ago!) emailed me asking if I knew anyone who would want to come teach English in their Christian school in Barranquilla.  Now, when I first read the email, I thought she was asking me specifically.  After about the fourth read, I realized that she was asking for my prayers – although it may have been her subtle way of asking for me (she did tell me in a previous email that I should come visit the school). 

so, um, yeah….

My head is spinning.  SPINNING! Isn’t this exactly what I said I wanted a few days ago?  Now I’m terrified.  It could really happen.  I love Colombia. I love the people.  But the reality is that Colombia is not home. 

me in Colombia 2002. I'm the white girl.

I told Monica I was interested anyway.  We’ll see what happens from here…

What are your thoughts?

On The End of the World and Crap Spam Email I Get…Grrrr

20 05 2011

The End of the World:

So, I think it’s pretty safe to say that anyone who thinks they know the exact date of the end of the world can be called crazy.  The world will not end tomorrow, so you can relax.  Mr. Camping is old and likely a little bored – and he’s predicted the End before and was wrong.  I don’t really know how he has gotten so many people to believe it again.  I also don’t know why he’s still taking donations on his website – maybe because he knows he’s just a little bit lying a lot. 

Just maybe.

But, there are some things I would like to add here that might make some sense of the Christian understanding of the End and why it’s hopeful – not super de-duper scary.

When I was little, I used to pray that Jesus wouldn’t come back because I had things to do – a slumber party, a school program, etc.  Things that were fun and that didn’t need to be ruined by Jesus ridin’ in on a cloud. When I was a teenager, I prayed that he’d hold off long enough for me to go to college, get married, have a family, etc.  I know I’m not the only person who has certain things she wants to experience or do before the End.  Everyone has a bucketlist.

But I think this bucketlist betrays what I really believe about God and heaven and Jesus and the whole shi-bang (or at least, used to believe): I would rather do some alright stuff that sounds exciting over meeting my creator (you know, the one I say I serve).


When I started recognizing evil in this world, understanding oppression, watching death and decay eat away at this good creation, I realized that this world is fallen.  I mean knocked-over-the-head-fall-on-its-face-kicked-in-the-side-left-for-dead fallen. And this world needs to be picked up, brushed off, washed and wrapped, and told she’s beautiful: and there’s only one person that can do that – Jesus. 

I think this is what the author of Revelation meant when he said, “Even so, come quickly.”  He wasn’t concerned with “well I don’t get to _______,” but he recognized this world needs to be set right.  Right now, we wait.  But we don’t sit around, like John Mayer*, waiting on the world to change.  We live as though we have been changed.  We know that all will be set right in the End – all injustices righted, all sad things made untrue (thank you, Samwise).  But for now, we live our lives – going to college, getting married, going to slumber parties – knowing that this may do for now, but it’s not what we’re hoping for.

Crap Spam Email I Get…Grrr

Now for something entirely different.

I hate all the dating site emails I get.  It’s not enough that I know I’m single.  Suddenly, the entire internet knows and is preying for my money!  Whether it be Senior Singles, Asian Singles, or (from today) I have only one thing to say: I’m not going to use a dating site.  It’s not my style.

So, dear whoever is selling my email for profit or to poke fun at the 27-year-old single gal, stop.  I spam you every time!  Love, Jill

*I happen to love every other John Mayer song.  This one is just lazy and I hate that some people have made it their anthem.

On Diet Dr. Pepper, Languages, and Diamonds

19 05 2011

Diet Dr. Pepper:

About a week and a half ago I decided one morning to stop drinking diet Dr. Pepper.  I could literally drink 2 big gulps a day without even the slightest bit of shame or guilt or disgust.  Then one morning I woke up and said to myself, “Self, you have a problem. The buck stops here.”  I haven’t had DDP since that morning.  (note: I did have a regular coke at game night and a coke zero at Mazzios on Sunday night…but I never said I was quitting soda, now did I?  Leave your judgment at the door, please.)

In all reality, it hasn’t been that hard.  There are two times it gets really difficult.

One: when it’s right after my lunch break, I’ve sat outside in the nice warm sun, ate a nice little lunch, then tried to go back to work.  COMA. And I don’t have any refreshing DDP to help snap me out of it.  That’s rough.

Two: when I think about what I’m denying myself too much.  The more I think about it, the more I want it. The more I want it, the more likely I am to freak out and collapse on the floor at work (it happened today – but mostly as a joke to make Vivi laugh…but just mostly.).

Anyway, we’ll see how this goes. 


I have a fascination with languages and people who can speak more than one.  I keep telling myself I’m going to be fluent in a second language, but it’s very difficult to learn a second language when your first is the only one you ever hear.  So, I know a bit of Spanish – like, enough to tell someone I don’t know Spanish or get arrested.  I know a bit more Russian.  Well, maybe not more, but I think about Russian more so I remember it more readily than I do Spanish.  Then there is Greek.  I can read it and, with the right tools, translate it.  I cannot at all form a sentence in it on my own.  Finally, I know like 4 phrases in French.  French hurts.  Seriously, it uses a whole set of muscles I didn’ t even know could be used in talking.  My whole jaw ends up sore within 30 minutes of lessons. 

Well, for a PhD in my program, I must demonstrate a reading proficiency in Greek, Hebrew, and 2 other modern languages (Typically French, Spanish, or German). 


I’m going to have to prove that I can keep at least 4 additional languages differentiated in my head. I start Hebrew tutoring next week.  I should probably start back up on a Greek regimen.  I just can’t decide if I want to do French or German (Spanish is a given).  Suggestions?


I don’t want a diamond.  If some *ahem* lucky fella ever asks me to marry him, I don’t want a diamond.  I want a simple band (not gold, please).  I don’t want diamonds to be on it anywhere.  My number one reason is because, unless he mined it himself, I don’t trust that it’s not a blood diamond.  The other reason is because I’m terribly hard on all my belongings.  I’m not a gentle creature.  A very expensive diamond sticking off my finger will inevitably get knocked off.  Not worth the risk.

So, if you plan on asking me to marry you, I suggest getting me a simple band, preferably with something terribly romantic engraved on the inside.  In platinum. 🙂