God is good

3 05 2011

I read a blog the other day by a missionary in Costa Rica. She had this to say:

I feel weird when things work out for someone and they tell me about it and then they sum it up by proclaiming that “God is good!”   I always want to say something like, “Well, what would He be if things had turned out different?”

I’ve had that same troubling feeling when I hear people say that.  I’ve experienced some ugly things that seem to tell me that God isn’t good, but I know, deep down, that God is good.  In the good times and the bad, God is good. 
Even when I’m pitching a fit because things aren’t working out like I want them to, God is good.
Even when I have everything I need and want, God is good.
Even when cancer wins, God is good.
Even when the report comes back clear, God is good.
Even when the tornadoes level my home, God is good.
Even when the flood doesn’t quite reach my house, God is good.
Even when my bills are past due and my electric is shut off, God is good.
Even when I have money in the bank and a meal on the table, God is good.
Even when my heart is broken by someone who loves me, God is good.
Even when someone loves me, God is good.
Even when…God is good.
I’m not naive.  I know there is evil in the world.  I know humans are bent toward destroying each other in increasingly creative ways.  I know that children die from abuse.  I know that AIDS is destroying Africa.  I know that sex trafficking is happening – even in America.  I know that there are levels of hurting and suffering happening to people that I cannot understand. 
I’m not pretending to know how to reconcile this with the existence of a good God. I’m not here to explain until you “get it” how God can let awful things happen.  I’m not certain as to why myself.  But I trust that God knows and someday, when I’m ready to put my defensive fists down and listen, I might start the very long process of learning to hear God’s answer.  But for now, this is just it:
God is good. 



3 responses

3 05 2011

Very well said Jill. God IS good all the time and ALL the time God is good, except when He is being GREAT! Even in the death of Grandma I can see that God was good, when devastation takes place, there is always something to show us that God is good. We’ll never understand His ways, some things will remain a mystery. I do have a few questions for Him when I see Him face to face. But until then I will rest in the fact that “yes, God is good.”

3 05 2011
Beccah Nelson

Very good sister. I think we all need to be reminded of that…

3 05 2011

I LOVE Jaime’s blog!

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