Arts Festival = Fail

4 05 2011

I can’t believe I forgot to tell you this story!  It’s tragic!  I went to the arts festival last week by myself. 

I manage to eat 400x more than normal at these things without noticing at all. I checked out some art, ate most of an indian taco, then went and painted a little pot, ate an entire strawberries newport, and then went to sit down to listen to some music. 

After about 8 minutes of sitting there, some clean-up lady comes over and I hear her say, “clean that up. you see that mucus over there?”  (I’m gagging right now!)  So look over and I’m sitting about an inch and a half away from vomit. 

Yes. Vomit.

Then I notice it’s everywhere.  I sit perfectly still trying to keep it together but all I’m thinking is, “oh, dear God.  save me from this.  why did I eat so much? how can I get away from here without causing a scene? what did I do to deserve this? don’t add to the mess. don’t add to the mess. don’t add to the mess.” 

Sidenote: baby drool makes me gag a little, so you can imagine what vomit does to me.

I made it about 30 seconds before I just had to move.  I’m pretty sure I ran away.

In other news, my thesis is done.




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