Wolf Pack (by request) and Getting Back in the Saddle

16 05 2011

Wolf Pack:

Per Jay’s request (you like that shout out????), I will update you on my attempt at athleticism.  Wolf Pack is my favorite thing.  I LOVE it.  LOVE.  It challenges me.  I have met new people who are turning out to be pretty awesome.  I haven’t died yet.  It’s great!

I’m over my fear of stepping on the ball and then falling on my face.  I’ve now moved on to a new fear: getting hit with the ball in the face and having my nose broken.  On the way to the game on Monday night, I had a sudden vision of it happening – very Final Destination.  I’m a little bit freaked out that I have super powers and can predict the future (even though I kinda hope I do…)

We’ve lost every game so far, but it’s fine.  We’re really coming together as a team.  And I love that everyone on the team is having fun and not all ticked off because we are losing.  But winning a game would be nice.

 Getting Back in the Saddle:

I sat down the other day and began really thinking through the goals I worked on during the 30 day push-goal challenge I did last month. Then I took them and broke them down into bitesize small goals. I’m getting much more motivated now that Mary Kay, VBS, and developing some good study habits don’t seem so overwhelming. 

All that to say:

Do you want to throw an MK party for me?  I’ll make it super awesome…

Do you want to help with VBS?  Let me know!

Do you want to read my super scholarly works??  …didn’t think so.

Today in History:

2011: Donald Trump says he won’t run for president.

My Combovers for Freedom campaign has come to an end.  Behold! The Magnificent Comb-overed Eagle!  Trump doesn’t do bald.

I’m going to be on the lookout for some other celebrity or debutant that’s having a mental breakdown to make fun of.  There’s always someone!  We just have to be patient……




2 responses

16 05 2011

do you see that tiny dot above my head in the picture? When I see that I think “I dont remember putting the tiniest bun in my hair…”

16 05 2011

haha! what a tiny bun! you should do it for tonight’s game.

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