so, um, yeah…..

23 05 2011

Do you remember the other day when I blogged about wanting to be a missionary again?  Here is the post in question.  God has an interesting way of giving you what you ask for. 

Monica Castro, a woman I met when I went to Colombia in high school (aka 9 years ago!) emailed me asking if I knew anyone who would want to come teach English in their Christian school in Barranquilla.  Now, when I first read the email, I thought she was asking me specifically.  After about the fourth read, I realized that she was asking for my prayers – although it may have been her subtle way of asking for me (she did tell me in a previous email that I should come visit the school). 

so, um, yeah….

My head is spinning.  SPINNING! Isn’t this exactly what I said I wanted a few days ago?  Now I’m terrified.  It could really happen.  I love Colombia. I love the people.  But the reality is that Colombia is not home. 

me in Colombia 2002. I'm the white girl.

I told Monica I was interested anyway.  We’ll see what happens from here…

What are your thoughts?




4 responses

23 05 2011
Alec Sprinkle

Congratulations on be open to this. Very exciting. However, I will not be able to send peanut butter this time.

23 05 2011
Alec Sprinkle

“on be open”? Sorry about that. I guess that’s why they didn’t ask me to teach English.

24 05 2011

well, why not Alec? I mean, Ashley is couponing so the money she saves can go toward postage…. just sayin’

26 05 2011

What do you have to lose? Go for it! Might just be a season or a life time thing. But go ye…. You can do it. I’m not going to get all spiritual. I think it’s over rated. But, if this is something you want to do and it excites you then go for it.

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