Let the fundraising begin!!

26 05 2011

I’m operating under the assumption that I will be wanted in July.  I’ve given my notice at work and I have about a week before I have to give my notice at my apartments.  If they decide they don’t want me in Colombia – I will be homeless and unemployed come July.  They better want me. 

That being said, here are the fundraising/money-saving things I’m working on right now:

1. Used cell phone drive – Everyone has old cell phones lying around.  I can think of 2 in my apartment right off the top of my head.  One of them, according to the list I was provided, will make me 7.50.  SWEET!  Imagine if I turned in a hundred phones!  If you have old cell phones lying around, I will take them off your hands.  I’ll even come pick them up if you are a reasonable distance from me.

2. Housecleaning – I am going to solicit myself out for housecleaning services.  I don’t have a set amount I will charge, instead I will clean on a donation only basis.  The money will go through Divine Life and will, therefore, be tax-deductible.  Email me at jilliandnelson@gmail.com if you want to schedule a time for me to come scrub your toilet.

3. “Benefit” concert – I’ve been given permission to host a show at Starbucks on Rockwell and NW Expressway.  I’ve asked The Notion to perform.  Perhaps there will even be a couple of numbers by Elefante…. just maybe.  The date isn’t set yet, but, once it is, you’ll be the first to know.  I’ll be taking donations that night.

4. Yard Sale in Mustang – My dear friend Sarah Wilson said I could join in on their yard sale.  Now, I just need someone who is not emotionally attached to my things to come and help me get rid of my stuff.  The first weekend in June. Come buy my crap!!!

5.Mary Kay Memorial Day Sale – I’m running a 10% off special for Memorial Day anyway, but when I realized I was moving I turned it into a fundraiser.  All my profits will go toward expenses related to my trip.  If you need or want anything, hit me up!  I’d like to see this really help me out. 

6. Lease Transfer – If I can find someone willing to take over my lease then I don’t have to buy out of it.  They would apply like normal (I’d pay them back if they were approved) and once approved it all becomes theirs.  My deposit and pet deposit are credited to them (meaning they can have a pet).  When they leave, they get my money.  They pay nothing to get started and make a bit when they leave.  If you know anyone interested, I can send them more details about the apartments.  This would save me $900.  This is super important. 

7. Donations – I’ll be sending out support letters by this weekend (I hope).  My main means of support will be regular people relying on the leading of God and being generous with me.  The fundraising I have planned will only go so far.  So, here’s thing: If you want to donate, don’t hesitate!  You can mail checks to

Divine Life Church
C/O Stephen Hanscom
2801 McMillan Ave.
Bethany, OK 73008

All contributions are tax-deductible (if they go through the church) WIN-WIN!! 

Most importantly, please pray for me.  It hasn’t even been a week since the decision was made, and I’m about 5-6 weeks from leaving.  This has the potential to overwhelm me.  I trust that if God wants me in Colombia, then God knows how much it will cost to get me there.  I need your support in so many ways – creatively, financially, spiritually, emotionally.  This is an exciting adventure, but that doesn’t make it easy.

I’ll keep you posted on the fundraising efforts 🙂




3 responses

26 05 2011
Michaela Dawn

Hey! I found you!!!! xo xo xo …

oh, that looks kinda serial stalkerish if one didn’t know we were friends:P

26 05 2011

oh, but we are friends!!! we were fated to know one another (even if we never meet).

27 05 2011

This one is tough to read Jill.

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