Things are chugging along nicely….

8 06 2011

Everything is falling into place. 

The guy who applied to take my apartment was approved.  Now we just have to get up to the office at the same time to sign the paperwork.  That’s the difficult part.  My schedule is more full than it has been in months.  Between fundraising, work, and other miscellaneous things (ie church, birthdays, etc), my free time is lacking. 

My vet and insurance monies are paid up for the rest of their contracts.

My internet is scheduled to transfer to my sister on July 1. 

My vaccinations for Hepatitis and Yellow Fever are scheduled.

My electric is scheduled to cancel.

My phone will transfer to friend.

My passport is good until February.

THE DATE IS SET FOR ME TO LEAVE!!!!  This is the biggie.  I’m leaving OKC on July 3 to go spend the holiday weekend with my family.   On July 6th, I leave for Colombia.  This is really happening.  First, I will go to Cartagena, Colombia for a week or so and work in the Nelson Mandela barrio.  I think it will be really good for me to start my time in Colombia working in Cartagena.  Then I’ll go to the Castro home on the 15th.  That will give me a couple of down days to get settled in my new “home” before I start teaching.

Speaking of teaching: to all of you million readers who have ever done something like this before – I need some advice.  I’ve never taught english as a second language.  It’s definitely not going to be like teaching grammar.  So, give me your advice, tools, suggestions, prayers!!  I covet it all!




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