Thoughts From the Miami Airport

9 07 2011

I am FINALLY en route. It has been a whirlwind month that I thought would never end, but, at last, I am on my way! Let me tell you about my little adventure so far.

I was supposed to have left on Wednesday the 6th. Obviously, that did not happen. Monica, who I will be living with, was very ill on Tuesday and we postponed the trip. So here we are on Saturday, just chilling for the next two hours in the Miami airport. I was planning on routing through Panama and staying over night, but that didn’t pan out. Thank God! Going through customs twice does not sound fun. Once is bad enough. So now I’m trying to get through Bogota. The flights are really full, so I will likely end up staying overnight in Miami. We’ll know for sure around 8pm eastern time. What a day.

So here are some random thoughts coming to you straight from Miami International Airport:

1. Everyone here is bilingual. I will be soon.
2. I’m so tired I can’t even see straight! 3 am was too early today.
3. Flying standby has landed me two first class flights. Not bad. I particularly enjoyed the leg room.
4. I called my mom from a pay phone using my debit card to pay…it cost $40. That is so stupid.
5. Living without a cell phone is both harder and easier than I expected.
6. Did I mention I’m tired?
7. Airport food, for the most part, is overpriced and not very good.
8. I have made a point to get up and walk around the cabin of my flights to avoid developing deep vein thrombosis. No blood clots for this girl.
9. I’m really doing this. I’m really moving to Colombia. This is unbelievable.
10. I have a really difficult time spelling “believe” correctly. 9 times out of 10, I misspell it.
11. When I get to Barranquilla, I’m going to sleep for three whole days. And eat a hot dog.
12. Flying stand-by, though stressful, is very exciting. It’s an adventure all in itself. I’ve been all over this airport looking for a helpful American Airlines rep. They are few and far between.
13. This is the dream.
14. I want to take a nap.
15. I really wish my 20 pound back pack had wheels.

So, there you have it! Comment with your email if you want to make it on my “newsletter” list. Thanks friends! I miss your faces 🙂




6 responses

9 07 2011
Jeanne Talley

Praying for a wonderful year for you in Columbia. I would love to be part of your email list! Please and thank you.

I know this is truly your calling and so many people are behind you in this! Safe travels and enjoy the first class seats!

9 07 2011
Mandy McHugh

I want blog posts everyday! I can’t wait to skype with you again!

9 07 2011
James and Paulette Roberts

Hi Jill,

Wow, sounds like your ready for a lot of hard work, but so rewarding!

We didn’t get money sent to you before you left, but if you will email me your address, we will try and help you some. We will also be praying for you!

Love you, Paulette

10 07 2011

I want a newsletter! Good luck with everything!

10 07 2011

Of course I want a newsletter. I am so happy you are doing what you “must” do. But as a mother I “must’ cry and protest and question you and God. You are precious to me. I love you.

10 07 2011
Ryan Goad

I just think it’s cool that James and Paulette know you. Worlds colliding. They are family, if you didn’t know that. Good stories too! Keep them coming.

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