More thoughts from Miami

10 07 2011

Last night when I went outside to catch the shuttle, I was smacked in the face with humidity. Literally, the humidity had a hand and it slapped me. I’ve never seen anything like it. I had a great night’s rest and now I’m back at Miami standing by for the next flight out to Bogota. I didn’t make the first flight. The next one is at 455pm. I’m praying I make that one. All in due time, I suppose. For now, I have plenty of time to relax and reflect. I’ve mostly just relaxed though. Here are some of my most recent reflections on life.

1. I tried redistributing my carry on items and putting some in my guitar case. I think I managed to make the guitar case heavier and the backpack heavier. Either that or my back is breaking down. Maybe both.

2. I’m going to eat Sushi Maki for lunch today. I looked at the prices and they are normal!! It’s not a $10 hamburger or $3 bottle of water. It’s a $7 sushi roll. I’m very excited.

3. Jerry should be joining me soon. Last I heard he made the flight out of Bogota. If he did, that flight has arrived and is going through immigration now. Once he clears security again, I just might get to see him.

4. I’m really glad I was not a judge in the Casey Anthony trial.

5. I never ever want jury duty. But, if I were to ever get called in for it, it will probably be while I’m overseas.

6. Sushi Maki smells so good!!!

7. I’m sitting in a corner of the airport, not by a loading gate, on the floor just so I can keep my laptop plugged in. My battery is shot. It lasts about 45 seconds without being plugged in.

8. I most definitely flirted with the hotel desk clerk last night to get a better rate on my room. It worked. I did not know I had those skills.

9. If you decide to move overseas, everyone will be interested in your facebook statuses and you will wake up to 14 overnight notifications. Not even kidding. Keep it up. I enjoy it.

10.I really dread immigration. Really. What if they take my medicines? Or worse, my hair goop.

11. I have set up a donation button on the side of my blog. If you look to your right up at the very top, you should see it. If you are wanting to contribute, you can do it there. It’s through PayPal and it’s linked to my checking account. Trust me, anything will help! All funds go toward my Colombian Adventure. Let me thank you in advance for helping me out. I couldn’t be doing this without you.

12. I miss my dog sooooooo much. Abelard, if you are reading this, I wish you were with me. Be good for Beccah and please learn to poop outside while I’m gone. I’ll bring you a new chew toy from Colombia.

13. Airport acquaintances are “single serving friends.” Name that movie and I will award you ten thousand cool points.

14. I think Addilynn is the greatest baby to have ever been born. I love her and I miss her little chubby legs.

15. This floor seat is not comfortable AT ALL. oy vey.

Thoughts? Comments? Donations??

Until next time!




2 responses

10 07 2011

I think I heard the “pack the guitar case” suggestion somewhere???? Just sayin’:) Flirting? you are my daughter lol! Are there Colombians there too? haha! I hope you met up with Jerry for a while anyway. Praying you get out of Miami tonight. All that is going through my mind is I hope Horatio Caine is ready and ablr to help if needed! I miss Addilynn’s fat legs too. i wish I missed mine. LOL! Enjoy the day….♥

10 07 2011

hahaha! Mom, you are too funny!

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