Reporting Live From Miami International Airport

12 07 2011

Airport Watch! Day Four! The mood is intense!

Ok, not really. I’ve been in Miami at least 72 hours. THANK GOD it hasn’t been in the airport only. I have had a hotel each of my three nights here and that’s a really big blessing. Being rested keeps meltdowns away. Yesterday was rather uneventful. I watched a couple movies and ate a turkey burger. But, before the last flight and after it I met two new friends. Let me tell you about them.

First, I met Marc. As we were standing in line to talk to the ticketing agents, an announcement was made in Spanish. During the announcement, the entire line walked away. As we were the only two non-spanish speakers in line, we just stood there waiting for the translation. Our gate had changed. After that, I said, more out loud than just to him, “I was waiting for English.” That sparked a conversation that took us to the other gate. Also, he carried my backpack for me. He called it my rucksack because he’s from London and they make words up 🙂

Anyway, he works for an oil company in London and travels a lot for work. He gave me 2000 in Indonesian Rupiah so I could say I have some of their currency. It’s worth around a quarter. Probably two cents in London. He had an accent. I told him that the only reason our conversation lasted as long as it did is because I just wanted to hear him talk. Oddly enough, he said he enjoyed hearing my accent! I don’t think he knows he’s the one with the accent. Anyway, we swapped emails and we shall see if I have a new friend from the other side of the pond.

My other new friend is Courtney. After I didn’t get on the flight to Bogota, I stood around waiting for the lady at the ticket counter to roll me over to the next flight. I waited for probably 20 minutes before she redirected me to a rebooking booth. She was just being difficult – every other agent handled it for me. Anyway, I stopped at the skytrain to compose myself because after missing 8 flights, I was ready to have a breakdown. I got it together and found the rebooking booth. Courtney got in line behind me and asked if I had missed my flight, too. We swapped stories and she discovered that the next outbound flight for her destination was at noon the next day. I felt like I needed to ask her if she wanted to stay in the hotel with me. Bridge Builder’s covered the cost of the room, so neither of us were out any money. She said she wasn’t a serial killer or a thief, so we made our way to the hotel.

We both agreed that it felt like we had been traveling together all day. It was very easy to share the time together. It wasn’t awkward or scary or anything. Just nice. It was good to have company.

Other than my two new friends, I have not had any other real adventures. I am doing just fine in Miami. I want to reassure everyone that my spirits are up, I’m not in bad sorts, and that I’m not stressed out about this delay. Other than my minor meltdown, caused mostly by exhaustion, last night, I have just gotten along. I have lost track of days and such, but that’s no worry. The flights all leave at the same times everyday, so I just need a clock!

Thanks for all the prayers and support during my Miami vacation! I really appreciate the thoughtful and encouraging posts on my facebook. It’s nice knowing so many people are interested in what I’m doing.

Until next time!




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