Life in Barranquilla

23 07 2011

I’ve noticed that living with Monica and Alvaro is not very different from living with my parents in one very crucial aspect: none of the clocks keep the same time.  The difference is that at home, I know which one is closest to correct, the difference from correctness, and how to plan my life accordingly.  Here, it is not like that at all.  And the clocks at the school are different, too.  The high school English teacher said today that break is at 12:15.  I looked at my phone (it doesn’t call, but it still tells time) and it said 12:22.   I’m pretty sure I’m late for everything.

Teaching is going well.  The little kids are really eager to practice English and are pretty confident in saying their words.  the older kids, well, aren’t.  So, for the classes that are exceptionally timid, I’ve started letting them teach me Spanish at the end of class.  Whatever words we worked on in English, they teach me back in Spanish.  That way they can hear me butcher Spanish confidently.  I’m hoping this will make them less nervous practicing English on me.  Also, the kids are very interested in whether or not I have a boyfriend.  Most of the classes threw that question in amongst others, but the 10th graders today didn’t.  That’s the only thing they wanted to know about me.  Then, there’s a group of 6th grade (I think) boys who call me “mom.”  They said they want an American mom because American mom’s have money.  If only they knew that money in America doesn’t go quite as far.

Finally, there are the computer issues.  Let’s start with keyboards.  The keyboard on the PC has some extra buttons and some of the punctuation marks are located in different places on the keypad.  So, for the last 9 days, I have retrained myself on how to type without thinking.  Now that I’m back on my laptop, I keep messing up!  Who knew you would use and apostrophe so often!  BUT, I am finally back on my own computer thanks to my Colombian engineer friend, Juan.  He managed to set up the wireless signal where the other Juan (Juan David) and I failed.  Also, he keeps me hydrated at the school.  I would likely be dead without him.

I’ll post some pictures tomorrow.  Promise 🙂




2 responses

23 07 2011

This is wonderful; what an adventure!

24 07 2011

Can we print and bind this when your trip is over? I love to hear about your day and you use words so well.

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