you know how I love lists

1 08 2011

1. I think the reason I love lists so much is because it doesn’t require a ton of energy and thought to make one.

2. I realize my hair is short, but I’m kind of wanting to cut it shorter.  I think it is because it is so hot. ALL. THE. TIME.

3. Remember when I used to be able to fix my hair?  Yeah, I don’t.

4. I went to the ugliest most awesome beach ever.  I need to go back because I need to take pictures.  I have an idea for this here blog.

5. Mi español is malo.  I’m not even playin’

6. The cord for my computer crapped out.  I hope it can be fixed because I really don’t want to buy a new one.

7. The FIFA sub-20 world cup games are going on in Colombia right now.  Some games are here in Barranquilla.

8. It rained so hard the other night.  It made me realize that I never want to experience a hurricane.

9. I miss my dog.  I think I’m feeling the beginnings of homesickness.

10. I love Barranquilla. The people, the food, the kids at the school – I couldn’t ask for a better situation.

11. That being said, I need to learn Spanish.  I’m not picking it up as quickly as I did Russian. This is frustrating.

12. I love Guava juice. Who knew?

13. I learned to drive a standard – sort of.

14. Other than ten minutes, I haven’t driven since July 12.  I wonder if I will remember how in December.

15. Tengo mucho hambre.




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