Some of my favorite memories of SCU

20 08 2011

I saw on Facebook where a friend of mine had posted a great memory from SCU.  Upon reminiscing, here are a few of my favorites:

1. Any time Cinnamon was caught creeping around on campus. Particularly when wearing OU cheerleading uniforms and cleaning the caf.  I still don’t understand how Gavin didn’t find that strange.

2. Lighting pumpkins on fire and throwing them off the Overholser Dam with Nicole and Alec.  Turns out, it’s illegal.  I’m glad we didn’t get caught.

3. Scaring the sickness right out of Heather.  She was sick in her bed, and I decided to do that creepy stare from my bed to see if she could feel it.  She couldn’t. So I crept over to her bed holding my cell phone above my head.  When she opened her eyes, she screamed and threw her covers over her head while I fell to the floor laughing.  I’m so glad our friendship recovered from that.

4. OKLAHOMA JAVA!!!!!!!  From coming into a gallon of milk all over the floor because Nicole and Nate thought they should play catch with it to donut fights with Tara ten minutes before closing. From having a toddler as a manager (Josh the Black) to playing mixer rodeo with Joe, times were never dull.  Those were the days.

5. That time I had myself convinced I could skateboard.

6. Driving around Overholser with Blake, Justin, and Alec listening to TATU.

7. The first float trip.  Where to start?  My twin nephews waking us up in their underwear.  Five guys sleepin on one mattress in the yard.  James almost dying a hundred times.  Eating all of our food 2 hours into the 7 hour float.  Good times.

8.  Photo shoots with Whitney Light in which I stuffed my pants to look like I had a butt or created a shrine for Aaron Girod.  And that one time we changed the fortunes in our fortune cookies to say what we wanted to hear.

9.  Going to see Santa with DeAsha.

10. The “Not to be Confused With” game.  Why did we stop that?


So, fellow SCUer, tell me your memories!




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