On Spanish, God´s Timing, and Crazy Celebrities

26 08 2011


If you follow very closely on Facebook, you will notice that I’m not catching on to this whole language thing as quickly as I thought I would. Call me crazy, but I really figured I’d be able to hold a conversation by this point.


I do try. Mostly with the kids at the school. Many of the adults know enough for a basic “hi. how are you?” conversation in English. The kids, however, have a million questions for me. And I don’t understand them most of the time. So, I try. I have them repeat themselves and talk slower and I try. Lord, do I try!!! But so far, it’s still uphill. Pray with me on this.

But the 4th graders today told Ana (the other English teacher) that I know Spanish.  That’s encouraging.

God’s Timing:

Sometimes God speaks to us through unexpected people.  And sometimes God speaks directly to things that you didn’t even know were there.  Yesterday, I worked with a wonderful woman named Janet on her English. I’m going to be tutoring her and her daughter a few hours each week.  There were several times that Janet said something that I knew was God speaking to me.  I don’t think they are things that I should share, but I wanted to share that basic experience with you.  It makes me happy when I recognize the voice of God.  I miss it all too often.

Crazy Celebrities:

Are there any crazy celebrities right now?  I don’t know who I am without a Tom Cruise, Charlie Sheen, or Don-Don “The Comb Over” Trump to make fun of.





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