Why am I so bad about this now?

3 05 2012

I imagine only four people care about this blog. And of the four, I imagine about 3 of you are family (hi mom). So, basically, there is no need to catch you up because I talk to you all the time. So here are a few new things.

1. I work at Starbucks again. I’d rather not talk about it. I also work at Chili’s, babysit twice a week, sell Mary Kay, and do office work for a friend. I work pretty much all the time.

2. My sister started a blog called The Shire. You should check it out. She cares more than me. And she doesn’t have me on the “Blogs I Read” tab.

3. A coworker at Chili’s said to our manager this week: You look like the kind of person who likes the Doritos Locos Tacos. I have laughed for days.

4. I got an A on my thesis!!!

5. My pastor/friend/mentor completed his PhD this week. And next month he moves to Tennessee. I am thrilled and saddened.

6. My little sister finished her masters this semester.

7. My dog farts out loud and crop dusted the bedroom the other night. Rude.


My life has lost a lot of its fascinating qualities since I moved back to the states.




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