Maybe I can inspire someone

31 12 2012

Over the last 2 years, I have lost roughly 54 pounds. It’s been hard, but I’ve done it.  As I’ve been talking with friends over the last couple of months about how I’ve done it and how I plan to keep the weight off, I’ve been told that I kind of have some good sense about this whole thing.  So I thought I’d start sharing it.  I don’t plan for this to be the last blog I write about this, but I’m not making any promises. 

For me, the realization that something had to change came when I saw this photo of myself from Thanksgiving 2010


If you can ignore the fact that I had a pink scarf wrapped around me as a papoose because I was singing a Pocahontas song for my family’s American Idol competition, that’d be great.

I was sitting at around 214 pounds.  And I knew I was heavy.  Technically, I was obese.  I knew I was sluggish and never felt good.  I knew I was never confident in how I looked.  I knew that I needed to lose weight. But I didn’t have the inspiration.  Then my sister tagged me in that photo and I decided to make some changes. 

This is 54 pounds less of me today. 


If you can ignore the fact that I’m having to take this of myself in a poorly lit bathroom mirror, that’d be great.

I will talk more on upcoming blogs about my transition to a pescatarian lifestyle, my workout habits, my eating habits, my health concerns, etc.  But let’s start with inspiration.

What do you want to see change?  How will you ensure that you stay motivated to make those changes? 

Do you have a family health history that you want to rewrite?

Do you have kids you want to keep up with?

Do you have a pair of jeans that you’d love to get into again?

Do you want to be a Victoria’s Secret model? 


I don’t care one bit what your motivation is.  I only care that you have motivation.  Even if you think it’s superficial and shallow, so what?  If it helps make you a better, healthier you, then use that inspiration.  My journey started out thinking, “I’m not going to look like that anymore!”  Now, it has more to do with my overall health and well-being. 

You need to start NOW, but you also need to be realistic with yourself about your temptations, your weaknesses, and your STRENGTHS. 

Fact: I’ve been munching on a movie size box of nerds whilst writing this.  If I beat myself up over every indulgence, I’d still be sitting at 214.  Maybe more.  I just know that, because I chose to eat more Nerds that should be legally allowed, I don’t get to have the oh-so-delicious nachos at work tonight.  I get to have the light and, yes, oh-do-delicious chopped caesar salad with a bit less cheese.  So my weakness is sugar, but my strength is in knowing how I can offset that without feeling deprived of anything good.  

Don’t start 2013 thinking that in one week’s time you will undo all of the bad habits that got you where you are. That’s how you end up in tears on your hallway floor eating an entire double chocolate fudge cake by yourself with your hands in your bathrobe on January 16th.  Nobody wants that.  Nobody. 

So start where you are.  But, just start.