What a week

18 09 2011

So, this has been one strange week.

Sunday I stayed home from church because my cough had just worn me out. Did the same on Monday and Tuesday. So, I didn’t go outside for like 3 whole days.

Then, Tuesday night I went to stay with some friends until today because Monica and Alvaro were out of the country on a pastor’s trip. Fortunately, I really like the family I stayed with so it wasn’t unpleasant at all.

Wednesday I finally went back to school but was ridiculously ill-prepared. I even forgot my class schedule so I just tried to wing it. I will never do that again! Ever!!

Thursday I went to visit another school and I loved it there too. One of the students there was so impressed by me that she sent a gift for me with her teacher today. Toblerone chocolate 🙂

Also, on Thursday, when I got back to where I was staying, I learned the my Grandpa had died that morning. It is very difficult not getting to be there with my family during this time. It makes you re-evaluate things. And my family has been so understanding of why I can’t be there for the funeral. Their support has made it easier to be so far away. I need to see them more, and before the next funeral.

Friday was the school’s celebration of Love and Friendship Day (Colombian Valentine’s, basically), so the kids were distracted by their excitement and the classes were having parties so it was another weird day.

Today (Saturday), Monica and Alvaro got back. I really missed them. I was glad to have my Colombian mom and dad back.

But then Monica asked for my passport. We were planning on going to the immigration people this week to extend my stay. Well we discovered that I was only given 30 days….I’m on day 66. We may have some issues with that extension. I’m praying everything works out because I’m just not ready to come home, despite the homesickness. If it doesn’t, it looks like I may be deported, or worse: fined.


A Prayer

6 12 2008

You have birthed me and given me new life
You have nurtured me and fed me
You dressed my wounds and wiped away my tears
You held me for no other reason than you adore my childish, autonomous ways
Oh Great God, You are Mother

You have provided for my needs
You have graciously given me my wants
You let my hands go so I could walk on my own
You love me for no other reason than you adore me as a toddler pretending to be a grown woman
Oh Great God, You are Father

You guide me in my search for truth
You allow me to get it wrong sometimes
You correct the mistakes that are too harmful to make
You love me for no other reason than I write my letters with a sloppy hand and a backward J
Oh Great God, You are Teacher

You are with me in the depths of the darkness
You are consumed with passion for me
You are constantly seeking to know me
You love me for no other reason than I am
Oh Great God, You are Lover

You love me for no other reason than I am
I am for no other reason than You are I am