7 12 2008

First, I probably won’t blog everday once I actually have time to blog.  Right now, I’m avoiding homework.  Now…on to the actual post.

I have a skateboard.  I don’t use it anymore; in fact, I’m scared to even get on it.  I can’t bring myself to get rid of it though.  I thought about giving it to my sister’s kids, but the last skateboard they had she hosed down and ruined.  I can’t risk that.  I thought about selling it, but what if it goes to a bad home?  I thought about donating it to some charitable cause…same problem.  So i’m stuck with it because I have some strange emotional connection to a piece of wood on wheels.  I realized that this is becoming a spiritual issue when I awoke this morning – it had crept into my dreams!  I don’t remember all the details, but someone had my skateboard because my sister gave it away in a garage sale…she didn’t even make them pay!  I cried in my dream over a skateboard.  I have a problem.  Yes, this skateboard has many fond (and not so fond) memories associated with it.  Yes, I did spend money on said skateboard (and they are not cheap!).  And, yes, the trucks (wheels and all the hardware associated) of the board were a gift (so, perhaps, giving it away seems ungrateful???).  But really…I’m not that possessive, I’ve gotten rid of many other things that remind me of those same years in my life, and I don’t think the person that gave me the trucks cares anymore.

I guess I just don’t want my memories given away in a garage sale.  That’s probably the worst thing that could happen.