On Viviana, funny nephews, and, duh! WINNING!

27 03 2011


So, Vivi and I work together, work out together, go to church together, and sometimes just hang out.  We are together a whole heck of a lot.  I warned her this morning that I was going to blog about her and tell the TRUTH!

She’s hateful.  I mean really.  She tells me to hush when I call Chalene (on the work out video) names.  She reminds me that Abelard is insane.  She sasses me at work and threatens to punch me when I dare speak before spoken to.  She criticizes my driving (she calls me “bob-and-weave”).  It’s unbearable!!

Ok. That’s not ALL true.  I love Vivi.  She has helped keep me motivated to work out.  That motivation is hard to come by for me.  I’d rather sleep.  She invites me over for delicious mexican food.  We split carpooling to work to save on expenses.  She is patient with my inability to admit being wrong (not because I know I’m wrong and I’m too stubborn to admit it; but because I honestly think I’m right).


She looks amazing in her little dress 🙂  TurboFire, baby. It works.

Funny Nephews:

My sister Tiff called me last night to tell me about the pure “genius” of my nephews.   My step-dad, Billy, took four of my nephews, along with three of their friends, camping the other night.  God bless Billy, because I would never take 7 boys (ages 13-15) camping. No way, no how.  Well, Brenden talked David into going into a cave he found with him.  Brenden then decided he was going to barricade David in.  So he starts piling up rocks and tree branches in a hurry.  I mean, the kid is focused!  But, being the oh so bright child that he is, he doesn’t realize that David isn’t in the cave – he’s right behind him, cheering him on.  Brenden got nice and worn out before he realized that David wasn’t in there.  Silly boy.

Brenden (left) and Trenton (right)

This next little story is one of my favorites.  A few months back, I told David and Nathan (twins) that a study was done that proved one twin is significantly dumber than the other.  David’s response was, “Nathan’s dumber.”  Nathan’s response, “they really proved that?”  Haha!  Oh, Nathan.  “They” didn’t prove anything, but you sure did!

Nathan (left) and David (right)

Oh, my nephews!  I sure do love them 🙂


As I mentioned in a previous post, I never win anything. Ever.  Until today.

That’s right, I won something!  Michaela Dawn makes and sells beautiful jewelry.  I mean, I love her jewelry.  It’s ever so beautiful.  You can look on her Enchanté website for more items or her blog, but this is what I won:

The stunning Chloe necklace

Gorgeous planting seed earrings

She just added a fantastic “fly above it all” necklace that is stamped with her custom-made wings insignia.  I cannot wait until I can buy it!   Please, please, please, check out her store and her blog.  She’s a true crafts(wo)man.  It’s quality, it’s handmade, and it’s beautiful.  It really doesn’t get much better!

Now, how did I win it?  That’s a great question. By taking the time to post a comment. Check out my friend Vanessa’s blog: Wearing My Big Girl Pants.  She is chronicling her year of dressing like a woman, and, in an effort to help the rest of us poor souls who don’t know how to dress, she offers giveaways!  And to get entries, all you have to do is follow the blog (duh, how else you gonna know there’s a giveaway???) and share the good news of the giveaway with your friends.  The rules and guidelines are listed on every Giveaway post.

So, GO!  READ! COMMENT! SHARE! WIN!   If I can win, there’s a good chance you can, too!

PS – the photos of my winnings are property of Michaela and I used them with her permission.