On poverty

21 05 2009

I was speaking with a friend last week about the gospel, poverty, and activism. One of the things he said was “The best way to fight poverty is to make the poor uncomfortable in their own poverty.” I am trying to remember that what I think of when I think of poverty is not always what other people think. I assume he was thinking of the poor as those who take advantage of government programs and people’s hospitality, not an Iraqi family living in the midst of a war (a new report just came out saying that one in four Iraqis live under the poverty level). Regardless, I think this statement is telling of many people today, and I have a few responses.

1. I highly doubt that those who are truly living in poverty find it comfortable.

2. We are so distanced from the poor that we blame them for their circumstance instead of reflecting on our own greed and critiquing those systems of government and religion that systematize oppression.

3. We have believed a lie and ignored the gospel’s call.

What are your thoughts. I have many more, but it would end up being a rant.


oy vey.

17 05 2009

This was my first week of 40 hours at starbucks plus 9 hours of babysitting…. I am exhausted! I thought you should know.

I’m back!

15 05 2009

so…just to catch you up:

1. I “graduated” but i still have to write my thesis
2. my thesis is only 75 pages…no biggie.
3. I’m having to work full time at Starbucks plus babysitting.
4. this means i have no life.
5. I might kill my dog if he keeps chewing up my books.
6. i really like lists.
7. i’m in the market for a reasonable carpet cleaning service…suggestions?
8. I have made new friends.
9. Zoe called me on Chris’ phone by accident and recognized my voice
10. did i mention my thesis is 75 pages?
11. Oklahoma has dumb weather.
12. Moore OK is dumb. this is the street exit order: 12th, 5th, 4th, 19th????? what the…?
13. I am swapping crockpots with Mandy for a while.
14. I graduated with honors!
15. Peter Abelard was not an actual heretic…